Habeas without the Corpus

140018 05/03/2014

John’s boralogue starts today’s program rolling by extracting more media bias lessons from the Bundy Ranch conflict in Nevada with a chronicle of how the main-liners didn’t care much for the story, until they thought Mr. Bundy might be a racist. Then they suddenly burst into life, and dragged a giant red herring across the real issue of property rights in order to transform it into a racial issue.

Then the history of intolerant tolerance. Members of the Frankfurt School of Marxism indicated how tolerance was only to be demanded when they were ascending but how they would deny it once they are in control. Arnold Ahlert from Jewish World Review (www.jewishworldreview.com) returns to the program once again.

The Supreme Court seems to have ducked an important constitutional issue — again — by allowing a lower court ruling to stand that indefinite military detention of U.S. citizens without charges or trial is O.K. The left and the right are rightfully upset. Bob Unruh from Worldnetdaily (www.wnd.com) explains why this is such a threat to freedom.

Speaking of the left and the right, they’re coming together on more issues than you might imagine. Liberal attorney Ray Bouhris (www.raybouhrisauthor.com) addresses the potential of state or county secession in his new novel, Revolt, The Secession of Mill Valley.

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