Whose DNA is it Anyway?

140019 05/10/2014

John’s boralogue ties together various global warming news reports to demonstrate how badly climate change hysteria has become and would seem to be paving the way for a push for a carbon tax following the upcoming U.S. election. Stephen Moore from the Heritage Foundation (www.heritage.org) maps the changing climate of climate change.

Minnesota just passed a law allowing newborn infants’ DNA to be collected by the state without parental consent and permanently stored for whatever purpose the state wishes. The Citizens Council for Health Freedom is up in arms. Twila Brase (www.cchfreedom.org & www.itsmydna.org) joins us.

We’ll focus the remainder of the show on Middle East issues. What really happened in Benghazi when an ambassador and several U.S. servicemen were killed by al-Qaeda operatives in Libya, and where will the congressional investigation take us? Claire Lopez with the Center for Security Policy (www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org) has a rousing conversation with John on this issue.

Finally, does the peace process have a future and why did it fall apart — again? David Dolan (www.ddolan.com) returns for an in-depth analysis of the radical changes underway in the Middle East.

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