Can Cyber Attacks Collapse Western Currencies?

140022 05/31/2014

John’s boralogue continues last week’s theme by explaining how political correctness is killing us. Highlighted is the case of a 27-year-old doctor in Sudan sentenced to be flogged and executed for apostasy from Islam, when she was actually raised a Christian and refuses to renounce her faith. As the wife of an American citizen, this week she delivered her second child while shackled in prison. Also incarcerated with her is her 20-month-old son. The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum has thus far been unwilling to help in this situation. The American Center for Law and Justice is hosting a petition at to try to get our government involved with these U.S. citizens.

Bill BlundenThere is a constant drumbeat of warnings of a cyber-apocalypse assault collapsing the financial system or other operations, but is anything short of an EMP attack capable of doing that? Bill Blunden ( has investigated this issue and co-authored the book Behold a Pale Farce.Dr. Stephen Meyer

Speaking of the media’s political correctness and its conflicts with reality, both academia and pop scientists in media assure us that Neo-Darwinism explains how new life forms evolved on earth and claims there is little dissent among scientists disputing this. Whoops! There are now over 100 articles in peer-reviewed literature calling for new theories to explain the complexity of life, because neo-Darwinism can’t account for the origin of information. Dr. Stephen Meyer, Ph.D., ( returns to the program to explain the serious divide between pop scientists and what’s really going on.

S.C. ShermanFinally, another shooting in Santa Barbara and more calls for gun control which never works. S.C. Sherman ( says the best way for a vulnerable institution to be safe is for people to be armed, especially in churches. His novel Mercy Shot details just such an eventuality.





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