The Slippery Surveillance Slope

140023 06/07/2014 The Slippery Surveillance Slope

John’s boralogue details how the thought police are telling us we have the right to believe what we want to believe. But when it comes to behavior in public, we need to endorse their belief system and comply with it; or else!

First up is the growing penchant for presidents to end-run congress by using regulations and executive orders. No where is this more apparent than in the war on coal-fired generating plants, where the Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to lower the allowed carbon emissions for these plants. In essence, we’re cutting off sources of energy before we’re ready to bring new alternatives on line in a large scale. Stephen Moore ( writes for the Wall Street Journal explains why these proposals are economy-wrecking in nature.

Then a tour through the latest efforts to use shifty definitions to end-run congress. There’s a proposal now to allow various government agencies to have real-time access to Americans’ health records in the name of national security. Twila Brase from the Citizens council on Health Freedom ( returns to the program to detail this draconian proposal.

A surveillance state is one where the citizens are monitored and lists are kept. A police state is one where the lists are enforced and people harassed or imprisoned. Cheryl Chumley ( writes for the Washington Times and is author of the book Police State USA.


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