Rough Times – Tougher Christians

140032 08/09/2014

John’s boralogue contrasts how Christian belief should stand as a bulwark against the pessimism surrounding turbulent geopolitical and economic situations. In times of stress, Christians have oftentimes risen full of optimism, bearing witness to their faith and its truths, rather than hunkering down with everyone else.

Then Dr. Os Guinness ( joins the program to detail how Christianity always rebounds from proclamations of its imminent demise, providing the answers people seek during periods of failed political, economic, and religious narratives. His new book: Renaissance – The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times.

As the western world goes into eclipse, the real question is whether or not it can reform, rebound, and regenerate. Christianity could provide the basis for that change. Drs. Jay Grimstead, Ph.D., and Eugene Calvin Clingman, Ph.D., ( join John in a round table discussion of Rebuilding Civilization on the Bible: Proclaiming the Truth on 24 Controversial Issues.

Finally constitutional attorney Michael Connelly of the United States Justice Foundation ( returns for his weekly exposition of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. This week, the fifth amendment is highlighted.


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