Mideast Alliances are in a Radical Upending

140033 08/16/2014

John’s extended boralogue delivers an in-depth portrayal of the radical upending of alliances that has occurred in the Middle East, along with the lessons that can be learned from the latest conflict between Israel and Gaza.

This leads directly to our first guest, Caroline Glick from the Jerusalem Post, (www.jpost.com). The Israeli left, formerly President Obama’s ace in the hole in that country, has become thoroughly disillusioned about the president’s intent for their nation following the latest round of bumbling diplomacy by Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. In essence, their credibility in the Middle East is now non-existent.

Even as geopolitical instability continues, the world slowly drifts into its next economic and monetary crisis. We’ll air clips we produced this week for Dave McAlvany’s McAlvany Weekly Commentary (www.mcalvany.com) featuring an in-depth interview with economic writer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at the London Telegraph (www.telegraph.co.uk). The time of global debt crisis is approaching; not quite here yet but a real doozy when it does arrive, possibly as early as mid-2015.

Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly of the United States Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net) leads off the second hour with his weekly exposition of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, highlighting the sixth amendment this week.

And finally Matt Philbin (www.mrc.org) from the Media Research Center comes on board. During the Israel/Gaza conflict, the main-liners steadfastly refused to refer to Hamas as a terrorist group, even though the U.S. government has designated them as such. What gives?


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