The New-Old Antisemitism in France and Europe

140036 09/06/2014

We’re back from vacation. Hope your summer went well (winter for those in the southern hemisphere.)

John’s boralogue analyzes some characteristics of the global paradigm shift through which we’re passing right and then explains how President Obama’s actions in geopolitics are consistent with his background as a community organizer.

We’ve discussed collapsing narratives a lot. Rising antisemitism in Europe is at the crux of several bankrupt narratives: Islam is a religion of peace, Europe shed the antisemitism of World War II and the biggest social problem in Europe is Islamophobia. Michel Gurfinkiel ( from the Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute in Paris premiers to explain how the new antisemitism is a dangerous mix of the old right, the new left and Islamic immigrant hatred of Jews and Israel.

Since 9-11 it seems to be common for government agencies to justify end-running liberty protections in the constitution by saying we need to do it for national security. The real question is rising as to whether some agencies are so cloaked in secrecy now that they are poised to go rogue, running out of control and oversight. Dr. Ivan Eland, Ph.D., from the Independent Institute ( returns for a conversation on this important issue.

Finally, the Ebola epidemic in Africa is worse than many think with shortages of supplies and medicines. Emergency preparedness guru and medical missionary Dr. Paul Williams, M.D., ( from the International Healthcare Network rejoins the program for a requesting to listeners to consider helping him get supplies to where they’re needed.


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