Balance of Power in the Western Pacific: U.S. or China?

140041 10/10/2014

After a one-week hiatus, the boralogue is back! This week John explores the Catholic Church’s stance on many polarizing issues, how proponents on both sides of these issues are responding, and the delicate tightrope that Pope Francis is walking in a balance between position and relationship.

We then continue our thread on the geopolitical paradigm shifts occurring right now in Asia. Robert Haddick ( is a special contractor with U.S. Special Operations Command and author of the new book, Fire on the Water. He joins us to discuss Chinese economic expansion and the increase in their military capabilities.

Next we pick up the issue of book-banning in libraries after one California school removed all books with a Christian message from their shelves. Brad Dacus with the Pacific Justice Institute ( rejoins the program to examine the constitutionality of this case.

Finally, we ask whether or not touch democracies can survive. We’ll delve into that and the democracy, tyranny, and the rights of the people in an interesting conversation with Rev. James Schall, S.J., ( &, a Jesuit priest and Professor Emeritus in Political Science at Georgetown University.



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