Big Trouble in Little Chapel

140043 10/25/2014

We will skip the boralogue this week as John is busy preparing to speak this weekend at the Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The program begins with our continuing series on the Amendments to the United States Constitution. Michael Connelly ( and, constitutional attorney and Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, will analyze amendments number 13 and 14.

We then transition to the topic of Eugenio Pacelli, or as he’s better known in history, Pope Pius XII, the pope during WWII. Francisco Gil-White (, Anthropology Professor at the Autonomous Institute of Technology in Mexico City, and Ron Rychlak (, Law Professor at the University of Mississippi, participate in a roundtable debate about Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church’s position on the Holocaust as well as its relevance to today.

Finally, the show closes with a discussion about religious freedom and same-sex marriage. Jeremy Tedesco (, Senior Legal Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, discusses how one ministry couple in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, could face stiff penalties from the city if they adhere to their Christian convictions and refuse to perform same-sex weddings at the local chapel they operate.

As a post script, John provides an update on the death sentence blasphemy case of Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi, currently in prison in Lahore.

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