State vs. Church vs. Marriage

140044 11/01/2014

John is back from the Strategic Perspectives Conference which brings about the return of the boralogue. This week John brings up the age-old question atheists ask about how a benevolent God could allow bad things to happen. It revolves around the definition of “good” and “bad” and what authority is used for that. In answering this question, he provides a brief history of God’s plan through Jesus Christ, who overcame a world full of evil, and recalls the tragic story of the Spaffords, and their well-known hymn It is Well.

Civil forfeiture abuse is back on the table, this time in major publications such as the Washington Post and Forbes magazine. It only took 20 years! After a brief review of this issue, John welcomes his first guest, Philip Hamburger (, Professor at Columbia University Law School, and author of the book Is Administrative Law Unlawful. It seems Congress is becoming more and more irrelevant as the administrative branch is making law on its own.

Back this week, Michael Connelly ( and, constitutional attorney and Executive Director of the U.S. Justice Foundation, continues his analysis of the U.S. Constitution by examining amendment numbers 15 and 16.

John then interviews Avi Lipkin (, author of Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat, about the relations between Israel, Palestine, and Iran, and the role of United States foreign policy in the Middle East.

Think state and church collisions over marriage are bad now? What about in the 19th Century? Leslie Harris ( is Associate Professor of Communications at the University of Wisconsin, and author of the new book, State of the Marital Union. She addresses marriage controversies from the 1800s and how marriage is used a metric of public morality.

We are launching a brand new series today featuring an extended segment where John comments on several stories making news around the world. Also, remember to join us on Facebook at Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest stories of persecuted Christians around the world.


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