Once Upon a Climate Clear

140052 12/27/2014

Last show of 2014 – Happy New Year everyone. We are skipping the boralogue this week and launching into the program. First up, Brad Dacus (www.pacificjustice.org), President of the Pacific Justice Institute, discusses the case of a senior at an Everett, WA high school who has been suspended several times for handing out Christian literature. For the school to do that is illegal under law. He also covers other cases that PJI is handling.

We then move on to Dr. Tim Ball (www.drtimball.com), environmentalist, public speaker, and author. In a detailed conversation, he chronologues the history of the anthropogenic warming movement, how it became politicized with the UNCED Conference in 1992, and wound up distorting real science. Dr. Ball chops through the mire of bureaucracy to get at the truth of climate change and the IPCC report.

Finally, we are joined by Rich Noyes (www.mrc.org), Senior Editor at the Media Research Center, who examines the lack of research that went into a Rolling Stones story about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity and how that relates to bias in the media.

Section 6, our weekly intelligence news briefing, is taking a break until the new year, but rest assured, John will return in 2015 with his unique comments on news stories from around the world.

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