Everybody’s Nervous

150006 02/07/2015

John takes a walk around the world in this week’s boralogue, interconnecting events from Europe, the Middle East, and North America and showing, briefly, how the global chessboard is laid out. One thing’s for sure: whoever’s playing at the chessboard, they hate the Jews.

First up, John welcomes to the program Larry Salzman (www.endforfeiture.com), an attorney with the Institute for Justice, who discusses the misuses of civil forfeiture and the pros and cons of the new FAIR Act proposed by Congress that would attempt to reform the law.

Soeren Kern (www.soerenkern.com), Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute and expert in European politics, analyzes the controversy surrounding the existence of no-go zones in European cities and the emergence of Sharia law within these zones.

Rounding out the program this week is Patrick Dunleavy (www.patrickdunleavy.com), retired Inspector General with the New York State Criminal Justice System, who examines the history and racial breakdown of the radicalization of Muslims within the U.S. prison system.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!Join us as we continue our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6, which features comments by John on important stories making news around the world.


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