What Is He Doing?

150010 03/07/2015

In this week’s abbreviated boralogue, John shies away from the unimportant questions being asked about President Obama – is he a Christian?, is he a communist? – and focuses more on the dynamics. Why has he turned his back on Israel? Where did our president’s ideologies come from?

This leads directly to our conversation with Dr. Paul Kengor, Ph.D., (www.visionandvalues.org), professor of political science at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Professor Kengor delves into Barack Obama’s background and illuminates the Communist and Islamic mentors in the early life of our president, and how influential those experiences are to him today.

Building on this knowledge, John speaks with Avi Davis (www.americanfreedomalliance.org), President of the American Freedom Alliance. He examines the topic of moral equivalency in the wake of Obama’s comments comparing the Crusades with violent Islamic jihad at the National Prayer Breakfast recently.

Finally Professor Luis Fleischman (www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org) from Florida Atlantic University and Senior Advisor at the Center for Security Policy highlights South American issues including the current situation in post-Chavez Venezuela, as well as the death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, and how Iran may be involved in both countries.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!Join us for our weekly Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring commentary by John on important stories making news around the world. This week, John analyzes ethics and discusses the fallout following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress this week.


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