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150012 03/21/2015

Welcome to spring! As we turn to a new season on the calendar, we also turn the page on another election is Israel. We are suspending the boralogue this week and jumping into a series of four unique voices who will lend us their views on what they believe is coming in the next 24-48 months for the West as well as for the Middle East in general and for Israel in particular.

Giving us a direct view from inside, Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com), joins us first from Israel to comment on the victory this week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to touch on America’s less than stellar history in honoring agreements with the Jewish state.

What would happen if President Obama’s deal with Iran is consummated? Steven Rosen (www.meforum.org), Director of the Washington Project at the Middle East Forum, explores the possibilities for the region not only if the deal were passed but also if Obama steps in agreement with the Palestinian Authority on the international criminal court.

When Islamic terrorists ratchet up attacks on those in the West, will our response be the same as it’s always been? Lt. Col. Scott Mann, retired U.S. armed forces Green Beret and head of the Stability Institute, offers an alternative solution. Our policy will need to change because, he says, “We might be done with violent extremism, but it’s not done with us.”

Finally, we welcome to the program Lauri Regan (www.whitecase.com), attorney for White & Case in New York, who examines the weakness in U.S. policy and how it may take another attack of massive proportions for our nation to wake up to our lapsing security.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!Join us for our weekly Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. This week, John takes a look at orthodoxy and dissenters.


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