What’s the Deal?

150015 04/11/2015

A study in duality today as John looks at the safety of those whose opinions are in the minority and where they are safest. Is it in this country, where a university won’t screen “American Sniper” for fear of offending Muslims in attendance? Or is it in Kenya, where Christians were systematically executed at Garissa University just for being Christian? Go ahead, think hard!

The P5+1/Iran agreement may have delayed a nuclear weapon build-up but Iran is building alliances with terror proxies in the Middle East like Hezbollah and Hamas, so they are still a danger to Israel.

Just what exactly is this “deal” with Iran’s nuclear program? Don’t we have an agreement now? Problem is that the agreement was simply an agreement to agree to something in the future, but now the parties can’t even agree on what they agreed to agree upon. We need an attorney! Gayle Trotter (www.gayletrotter.com), partner at the Washington DC law firm Shafer & Trotter, dissects the Iran deal, really nothing more than a framework for later discussions, and how Iran may well come out of this better than the West or Israel as with an expanding nuclear program.

What does Iran’s support of terrorism mean for the U.S.? Retired INS Special Agent Michael Cutler (www.michaelcutler.net), says our border enforcement is broken and reform is urgently needed to deal with the very real threat of sleeper terrorist cells infiltrating our country. He also explains how voters must stay informed before voting or they just may get a government they don’t care for.

Join us for our Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. This week features an extensive look at Russia’s place on the global chessboard.


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