Shall Not Have Died in Vain

150027 07/04/2015

As we celebrate our great nation’s 239th birthday, it is important to remember that this country was founded not on the principle tolerance, but of freedom. The many problems we face to today with racial issues or same sex marriage could be solved rather simply: we’ll each have the freedom to do what we want and we’ll respect each other’s right to do it. The solution, however, does not appear to be that simple. Instead, “tolerance” prevails, allowing one group to shut down debate and demand everyone march in lockstep. With freedoms deteriorating, we would ask the founders and soldiers who worked so hard to preserve those freedoms: was it worth it?

Like many of you, we are taking a break this week to celebrate the Independence Day holiday. Today’s program features a presentation John gave on Memorial Day this year at Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He asks whether those brave men and women died in vain to protect our freedoms. We are exchanging one set of rights for another set of rights, and the rights we were given under the Constitution are being ignored. In fact, they are slowly eroding. Buy a copy of this important presentation called: Shall Not Have Died in Vain, in our Media Store.

How did this happen? John recalls the history of the educational system in America and its gradual decline due to Marxism. He points out the contradictions posed by the media elite in revising our country’s history. The question of whether they died in vain can only be answer by us. Will we fight against this infiltration? Will we, with one loud voice, declare, “I will not sit down! I will not shut up!”

Section 6 is on hiatus for the holiday week, but rest assured, John will be back next week to comment on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.


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