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150032 08/08/2015

Persecution of Christians comes from many areas of the world such as Communist nations or Islamic regimes. It is even rearing its ugly head in the West in the form of new laws and restrictions of freedom. In this week’s boralogue, John gives us the five steps that lead to persecution and shows how they are manifested in news stories from China, Great Britain, and the United States. Thank you to all our listeners who donated to help Pakistani Christian Pastor X. He still needs your support. If you would like to help, click the button to donate to Pastor X and his family.

Recently, millions of government employees had their personal online information hacked by cyber terrorists. Soon after, the military announced that their personnel’s health records would be stored online as well. Twila Brase (, President and Co-Founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, examines the push for a national patient database, reviews the misunderstandings of HIPAA laws, and asks the question, who exactly will have access to our medical information?

President Obama would allow the Social Security Administration to have access to medical information by making sure recipients are up to the task of owning a firearm. Larry Pratt (, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, shows that under the plan, psychiatric diagnoses can affect your eligibility to own a gun. It’s an ultimatum between owning a gun and receiving benefits. With a choice like that, the Constitution is bypassed and the government wins.

It is winner take all as one right is trumped by another in the wake of recent Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage and eminent domain. Brian Walsh (, President and Founder of the Civil Rights Research Center, discusses the trampling of freedom of religion and shows the correlation between government persecution of Christians and increase in social hostility toward religion. I may not agree with what you say and it turns out I won’t defend your right to say it either!

The bloat of government has gotten out of control, but the Founding Fathers gave us a way to fix the problem. Patrick Murray (, Retired U.S. Army Colonel, reviews Article 5 of the Constitution and reveals a plan underway to convene a Convention of States. Two amendments are proposed: Congressional term limits and a balanced budget.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!As always, join us online for our weekly Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. This week, John tackles the topic of iconoclasm.


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