Terror Tunnels

150034 08/22/2015

We tell you every week that the mainline media and the herd are running in the wrong direction. When it comes to virtually every aspect of society in this country, so is our government. In this week’s boralogue, John shows the need for reform in the economy, government, law, constitutional rights, education, taxes, and border security. Societies go through cycles and a time comes when reform is needed. We either reform and move on or dictators step in and take over. Can we reform before our economy collapses or terrorists strike our cities?

How realistic is an ISIS terror attack in the United States? We are joined this week by Dan Gordon (www.dayofthedeadlibertyedition.com), Captain in the Israel Defense Forces, Hollywood screenwriter, and author of the new book Day of the Dead, Book One: Gaza.

He recounts his experience in last year’s Hamas / Israel Terror Tunnel War and outlines Hamas’s terrifying plot to kidnap women and children through underground tunnels beneath the Israel-Gaza border.

The same tunnel system can be found under the border between Mexico and the United States, in cities like El Paso, Tucson, and San Diego. ISIS is very likely planning to use these tunnels to infiltrate America. San Diego could suffer a debilitating terrorist attacks against military installations and public arenas. ISIS has the means, desire, and training to pull this off.

The United States military has conceded that the battlefields of the future will be in American cities.

Rounding out the program, John discusses a recent intelligence report that states the Obama administration entered into nuclear discussions with Iran as early as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rule, far earlier than we were told. He also details yet another example of a life ruined by civil asset forfeiture. It is unconstitutional and it is time for it to be done away with!

The Section 6 intelligence briefing is on hiatus this week as we take some time off for the summer. It will return in September.

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