150047 11/21/2015

After last week’s Paris attacks, President Obama’s remarks show once again the administration’s refusal to acknowledge reality. In this week’s boralogue, John tells us what the progressive left won’t: terrorism is an Islamic problem and must be addressed as such. Until then, it will be impossible to tackle the crisis. We are told it is “religious” extremism and Muslims are the victims, not Christians. Reality is taking a backseat to narrative.

Were the terror attacks in Paris a prelude to future threats in America? We welcome back Israel Defense Force Captain Dan Gordon ( who discusses NATO’s dysfunction, terror in gun-free zones, and the backlash forming against political correctness and its clash with reality. Governments must protect its citizens. Will ours?

With Thanksgiving coming up, we look back at the Christian roots of our nation with Bill Federer (, host of American Minute Radio. From religious persecution in Europe to establishing the 13 colonies, Bill reviews the Mayflower Compact and the Protestant foundation of America, disproving the revisionist view that the U.S. was built on secularism.

Finally, this weekend marks 52 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Bestselling author Phil Shenon ( shows that the CIA tracked Oswald for months prior to November 1963, but never presented their intelligence to the Warren Commission. Could this failure to communicate have spawned countless conspiracy theories?

We are thankful for all of our listeners and wish you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!

This week in Section 6, John takes a closer look at President Obama’s comments following the Paris terror attacks. Join us for another solid hour of in-depth analysis.


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