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160001 01/02/2016

Farewell 2015, we hardly knew ye. Time flies as we welcome in the New Year. Happy 2016, everyone! We will dispense with the boralogue this week and jump right in with our first guest, Bill Koenig (www.watch.org), head of World Watch Daily, who looks at the year in review and what is to come.

In an extended conversation, Bill examines Donald Trump’s rise in popularity and the media’s dislike of it, the dynamics from last year’s comments by the Pope, how President Obama is viewed from inside our government, and what’s in store for Israeli-Palestinian relations this year. Can the world get crazier than it currently is? Dangerous question to ask.

How will the Middle East play out in 2016 and beyond? We welcome back long-time guest Avi Lipkin (www.vicmord.com), who shares his predictions of major geopolitical and military moves between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, and Turkey, how immigration will further Islam’s war on the West, and a confrontation between the one-world government and Islam over power and money.

John’s quote of the week:

“The problem with the institutional racism game is … it’s like a game you get in to – you can’t win, you can’t break even, and you can’t get out of the game. And the only answer is not to play.”

Our Section 6 intelligence brief is on hiatus this week, but it will return next week.

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