Willful Blindness

160012 03/19/2016

There are blips on the world stage radar that are projecting what we’ll see in the months and years to come. In this week’s boralogue, John takes a look at what these blips are telling us and shows that there is a willful blindness concerning global ideologies. There is a chasm of truth between the realities of the world and both politicians’ promises and politically correct narratives. Those who understand the realities will be better positioned when the coming storms hit.

Why did Libya suddenly appear on the world stage a few years ago as a threat to world security? Ellen Brown (www.ellenbrown.com), Founder of the Public Banking Institute, reveals that the upheaval in Libya related to gold and silver, rebel-based central banks, and details from Hilary Clinton’s emails.

The Christ at the Checkpoint Conference concluded this week in Bethlehem in the West Bank. Dexter Van Zile (www.camera.org), Christian Media Analyst for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting, attended the conference and discusses its anti-Zionist narrative that blames Israel for all wrongs in the current conflict with Palestine.

John Kerry and the State Department declared this week that Christian persecution by ISIS in the Middle East is officially deemed genocide. Juliana Taimoorazy (www.iraqichristianrelief.org), President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, examines the situation and asks: why did it take so long for this declaration to come about?

How did the U.S. get to the point of self-loathing and history revision that casts itself in such a negative light? Former Idaho State legislator Curtis Bowers (www.agendadocumentary.com) joins us to reveal Marxism for what it truly is and discuss the willful blindness of those that fall victim to its false narrative. We need to hear and understand the truth or the enemy will win.

John’s quote of the week:
“Gramscian Marxism paraded through our culture starting in the 1930s, masquerading often as progressivism – sometimes it’s called socialism – and all of those “isms” are pretty much the same thing. We keep changing the names to protect the guilty. It fails every time you turn around.”

As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

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