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160026 06/25/2016

Given all the evidence emerging after the shootings in Orlando, who should be held to blame for the massacre? The media would have you believe the answer is Christians. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at clear bias in media and leftist groups as the massive spin machine holds America in contempt – not ISIS or Islamic terrorism. Christians and conservatives are the guilty parties. For leftist elites, they’re in it to spin it, not to espouse the truth.

There’s a thin line between eliminating hate speech and suppressing free speech. Joshua Philipp (www.theepochtimes.com), Reporter for the Epoch Times, discusses how Facebook and Twitter continue to allow the promotion of terrorism on social media, but those who dare to expose terrorism with the truth have their accounts suspended. Traditional views of morality are changing which allow for policies like these to gain a foothold.

The Obama administration’s negotiation with Iran regarding their nuclear program is now being exposed as a package of secret side deals and lies fed to the American public. Meira Svirsky (www.clarionproject.org), Editor at the Clarion Project, examines the futility of snap back provisions in connection with European business as well as ineffective inspection policies thanks to a back room deal between Iran and the IAEA.

With talk of Islamic terror and the motivations behind the Orlando shooting, we welcome back to the program Daniel Akbari (www.stophonorkilling.com), attorney and expert on Islamic law to have an honest discussion regarding what the Koran and supporting documents actually say concerning sharia law and the difference between Muslims and Islamists.

John’s quote of the week:
“Expressions of support and sympathy from Christians and Christian churches which poured in (after the Orlando shootings) were rejected by the gay media because, of course, the Christians – not radical Islam – were responsible for this mess in the first place. Oh and by the way, if you believe in the Second Amendment, you might be responsible for it too.”

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