160031 07/30/2016

Our prayers go out to the family and friends of Father Jacques Hamel, priest of a church in Normandy, France, who was killed during mass this week by young ISIS knifemen. We skip the boralogue and welcome back to the show Juliana Taimoorazy (www.victimsofisis.org), President of Iraqi Christian Relief Council, who discusses other persecuted Christians: the Assyrians in Iraq who are faced with the hard choice of leaving their beloved homeland or stay and potentially face the horrors of ISIS.

We revisit a rather grisly topic this week: that of forced organ transplants. Matt Robertson (www.theepochtimes.com), Reporter for the Epoch Times, reveals the horrors of transplants among specific groups of people in China and the media’s lack of coverage of the practice.

Religious liberty is under attack on various fronts in violation of Constitutional rights. Kate Oliveri (www.thomasmore.org), Attorney for the Thomas More Law Center, shares one woman’s encounter with a Michigan health department who denied her right to refuse vaccination for her children based on religious objections.

Are Christians in the West compromising their values to conform to modern culture? Author and speaker Os Guinness (www.osguinness.com) posits that culture and socialistic ideas are combining to threaten the faith of believers. He calls for a revolution in thought and belief from a Christian perspective.

Has the Brexit pointed the way to a resurgence in Christianity? Dr. Steve Turley (www.turleytalks.com), Teacher of Theology at Tall Oaks Classical School in Delaware, discusses the growing trend toward nationalism and predicts that Christianity and the political right will usurp the unsustainable PC narrative in the next few decades.

John’s quote of the week:
“If you look at what the Social Security trustees are saying, the shortfalls in Medicare, the ricketiness of Obamacare with insurers pulling out, and the overall indebtedness of the United States, there is a major train wreck ahead. And once we get on this train, we can’t get off of it.”

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