Veritas Lounge for Premium Subscribers – What’s Inside?

For listeners with a hunger for more, we have a Premium service which allows subscribers to listen to all the shows going back to January of 2002 as well as unlimited access to the Veritas Lounge!

Stream full-length DVD videos, download digital resources and more! Watch or listen on your mobile devices and take the archives wherever you go with a podcast app. Stream the lecture videos for your small group study or classroom.

Watch free full-length videos, download exclusive resources, get special Premium discounts and more, all at the Veritas Lounge!Why Go Premium? Here’s What You’ll Get!

The $150 annual Premium subscription grants immediate archive access to download entire Steel on Steel programs spanning over a decade as well as access to Veritas Lounge, our premium content area featuring all of our DVD videos free to watch, plus more audio downloads, digital resources and special Premium discount offers on Media Store items!

Why not go Premium and get in on the action? Upgrading is easy: just login and click the yellow ‘Upgrade to Premium‘ button!

Here’s a list of what’s in the Lounge!

Stream These 15 Full-Length Videos
  • The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West – 66 min.
  • The Road Back – 64 min.
  • The Road Back Extended Version – Part 1 – 52 min.
  • The Road Back Extended Version – Part 2 – 48 min.
  • The Next Shoe to Drop – 56 min.
  • The Emerging Church – 165 min.
  • Changing Values – 58 min.
  • Coming Persecution 2 – 53 min.
  • Four Storms and a Silver Lining – 51 min.
  • Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit – 45 min.
  • Christians and the Coming Chaos – 57 min.
  • What Were We Thinking? – 45 min.
  • The Anatomy of Persecution – 36 min.
  • Stumbling Toward an Omega Point – 48 min.
  • Shall Not Have Died in Vain – 48 min.
Download Audio Resources
  • Shall Not Have Died in Vain
  • The Constitutional Amendment Series
  • The Malachi Martin 7 Hour Set
  • The Worldview Wars – 4 Part Series
  • Antichrist Doesn’t Wear Tights – Parts 1 and 2
Download These Files
  • Preparing for the Underground Church PDF
  • Logical Fallacy Quick Reference Guide PDF
  • Fallacy of the Week – Complete List with Definitions PDF
  • Fallacy of the Week List PDF
  • American Agenda Interactive Presentation
  • Veritas Lion iPad/Tablet Background
  • Veritas Lion iPhone/Smartphone Background
Special Benefits
  • Use a special coupon code anytime you buy from our Media Store to get 30% off your order!
  • Any time we release a new product, we’ll put it up early in the Veritas Lounge for our Premium members to access at no additional charge.
Listening and Viewing Tips
  • Stream video content from your mobile device to your home theater or digital projector with a compatible device* such as Roku®, Chromecast® or AppleTV®.
  • Use a podcast app to listen to the archives from your mobile devices. We recommend Downcast or RSSRadio for iOS devices, and BeyondPod and Podcast Addict for Android. Check out ourPodcast Help Page for more info.

*Refer to your device manufacturer for details on displaying streaming content. Additional equipment and data rates may apply. Streaming over Wi-Fi generally offers the best results without incurring additional data usage.

 Unlock the potential of your Steel on Steel Subscription by upgrading to Premium!

Get started with a Premium Membership today!

If you’re already a member, upgrade your existing subscription in your Control Panel. Premium service is just $150 a year for access to over a decade of shows videos and much more! If you’re in the middle of a basic subscription, the cost to upgrade is prorated to reflect the difference. During the upgrade, the rate will be calculated and displayed on the confirmation screen on the next page.

If you’re not a current member of Steel on Steel, subscribe now!






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