160038 09/17/2016

Have we learned anything from watching the news in the past 15 years? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the duplicitous nature of politicians and the media, showing, for example, how the health of our two presidential candidates is being covered so differently depending on which network you watch. Media bias has been exposed and politically correct narratives are sidelining meaningful debate and the truth – often with disastrous results.

What would be the best way for politicos to shut down opposing opinions? Kevin Freeman (, Founder and CEO of Freeman Global Holdings, joins us to review what ICANN is, when it will take control of the internet, and the dangers of no oversight. The war on free speech is heating up and anyone who doesn’t agree with the PC narrative could be shut down.

One narrative that refuses to listen to dissenters is that of anthropogenic global warming. Matt Briggs (, Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University, examines the flawed research and science behind the climate change agenda and where the ultimate result is heading: more government control.

John’s quote of the week:
“The politically correct consensus is almost always wrong because politicians frequently lie to us. What authorities tell us is often wrong and driven by internal politics or political correctness. In those cases, they cannot be relied upon as a reliable source of news or information.”

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