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160043 10/22/2016

The presidential debates are mercifully over. Voters are disconnected from important issues because candidates seldom talk about it and the media rarely covers it. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at things to come from America’s slow decline from superpower status to the house of cards called the global economy. We are sliding toward a day of reckoning, but take heed. Countries, currencies, and candidates may come and go, but God never changes.

Black Lives Matter claims that police are corrupt and racist, though much of their narrative has been refuted. We explore the flip side this week with John Whitehead (www.rutherford.org), President and Founder of the Rutherford Institute, who analyzes alleged abuses of power within police departments – including forfeiture and structuring laws – and advocates for better training to resolve potentially deadly situations.

Are we witnessing the demise of national sovereignty? Conservative writer Christopher Chantrill (www.usgovernmentspending.com) examines George Soros’s plans, why drives to push utopian societies never seem to succeed, and the rise of nationalist candidates.

Finally we welcome retired safety consultant Don Bradway, who joins John in the studio to discuss his time in northern Idaho and his recent interview with the Washington Post regarding redoubts, the untrue stereotypes of preppers, and his advocacy of preparedness for a national emergency.

John’s quote of the week:
“There was a time when the electorate was much more educated but no longer so. Most are victims of the perpetual current of Kool-Aid gushed by non-stop punditry for the purposes of steering people toward political outcomes.”

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