Break the Narrative

170004 01/28/2017

A half century ago, liberals espoused many ideals that today are found among conservatives. In this week’s boralogue, John shows how socialist progressives have successfully infiltrated the Democrat Party, allowing in part American values to shift far to the left. Their narrative is falling apart and in order to break it, liberals of old and conservatives of today need to speak out while there’s still time.

Politically correct narratives still run rampant on college campuses, stifling free speech and discouraging dissent. Robert Oscar Lopez (, Humanities Professor at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary describes his time at Cal State Northridge where, after learning of his conservative opinions, the powers that be on campus waged a sinister campaign against him. He had to choose between tenure and his faith.

Agendas exist in secondary education as well. Drew and Robin Patterson (, parents of a middle school girl in Denver, Colorado discuss how they discovered links to pornographic materials on their daughter’s online school account and how they are speaking out and standing up to a stubborn and resistant school system.

How did political correctness become so prevalent in academia and other areas of society? Essayist and former intelligence analyst Stella Morabito ( examines PC and consensus thinking and how it infects the mind through fear of rejection or of being considered a bigot or racist. In order to combat the Left’s PC think, we need to start having meaningful conversations and work toward breaking the narrative.

John’s quote of the week:
“We can’t have a discourse in this country about hard questions that need to be asked if the very definitions of political correctness put the hard questions outside of the realm of what can be asked and discussed.”

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