Pravda and Russia? Nyet.

170014 04/08/2017

Do you find yourself perplexed by goings on in the political world? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at inconsistent media coverage with the Trump-Russia collusion and Susan Rice unmasking stories, showing that behind every double standard is an underlying single standard that holds up to logic. The single standard emerging is that the media are nothing but shills for the Democrat Party.

How does the mania about Russia today compare with the Red Scare in the 1950s? Columnist and author Diana West ( points out that while there’s much ado about nothing today, there really was a problem with communist infiltration of our government in the McCarthy-era. She also looks at the role of fake news then and now.

Liberals of the 1960s would probably be seen as conservative today. Matt Walsh (, Christian conservative blogger at The Blaze points out that the pendulum of moral values has swung far to the Left in the past few decades, threatening ethical standards and exposing liberalism as the worship of self.

Has Western Europe lost its identity and culture amidst a wave of Islamic migration? Clare Lopez (, Vice President at the Center for Security Policy examines both the losing demographic battles in countries like France and Sweden as well as the need for Americans to hold on to our culture by understanding where we came from.

John’s quote of the week:
“Reading articles about the Trump-Russia collusion, you can tell it’s all based upon ‘sort of be, might have been, could have been, something gotta be but might not have been, but it could have been, even though it doesn’t look like it had been.’ And for all that hoopla, what do we really know?”

This week during our Section 6 Intelligence Briefing, John discusses the recent U.S. attack on Syria, the Susan Rice Scandal, the Trump-Russia narrative, and hate speech laws.

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