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170023 06/10/2017

The media caused significant climate change this week spewing hot air and doomsday claims following President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. In this week’s boralogue John looks at how we got to this stark division over climate change and why the globalists are steaming mad at the President’s decision.

What if the bomb that exploded in Manchester, England a few weeks ago had been nuclear? Is it easy for terrorists to build a nuclear device? Robert Gleason (www.robertgleasonbooks.com), Author and Editor at Tor/Forge Books, provides startling details on just how easy it is to smuggle nukes into the U.S. and advocates for sensible disaster preparedness.

Many college campuses allow free speech as long as it’s in a small and poorly trafficked area. Matt Lamb (www.tpusa.com), Director of Campus Integrity for Turning Point USA examines free speech zones on campuses and the Left’s effort to quash speech that is deemed hateful – in other words, speech they don’t like.

We’ve heard from climate alarmists and climate deniers, but what is actually behind the climate change agenda? Eric Worrall (www.wattsupwiththat.com), a mobile app developer in Queensland, Australia examines carbon pricing and how it works and looks at the lack of success of renewables companies, despite assistance from government.

There is a war on free speech in this country and it’s only heating up. Kim Strassel (www.wsj.com), Journalist and Editor at the Wall Street Journal joins us to discuss free speech on campuses and in politics and the behind the scenes machinations of the Left to shut down free speech using both government bureaucracies and intimidation.

John’s quote of the week:
“The directive of the United Nations was not to find the cause of global warming but rather find man-made causes, because then they could regulate it, legislate it, and best of all, tax it.”

This week during our Section 6 Intelligence Briefing, we’ll talk about Sharia Law vs the West, honor killings, hate speech in Canada, and discuss the life and work of pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

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