Jihad Appropriation

170029 07/22/2017

Much like Yellowstone of late, America’s economic arena is experiencing a swarm of quakes that serve as a warning to us all. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at what these quakes mean and where we are heading. Between the fake news camped out in Russia collusion land and the Fed stating that all is well, you would think our economy’s future is just fine. Tough times are ahead, but God will guide each of us through it.

In late June, a van plowed into a group of Muslims outside of a London mosque, stirring up terms like ‘payback’ and ‘white jihad.’ Dr. Dawn Perlmutter (www.symbolintelligence.com), Director of Symbol Intelligence Group, examines the roots of white jihad and the growing resentment that fuels it. White jihad is a problem, but it hasn’t yet risen to the horrific levels of its Islamic counterpart.

The former administration’s EPA redefined the word ‘navigable’ in the Waters of the U.S. Act, thereby expanding its jurisdiction. Dr. Bonner Cohen (www.nationalcenter.org), Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, discusses the immense bureaucratic power of the EPA and the abuses stemming from it, and praises President Trump for rolling back some of that power.

You cannot defend the truth if you do not know the truth. Mike LeMay (www.standupforthetruth.com), General Manager of Q90 FM Radio in Wisconsin, shows the steady decline of Christian thought in the West and the erosion of moral standards taught in schools and at church.

Finally, we look at Christian persecution around the world with Paula Kweskin (www.faithkeepersmovie.com), Producer of Clarion Project’s film Faithkeepers. She points out that media is largely silent on Christian persecution but there are ways you and I can help.

John’s quote of the week:
We are at the endgame of all excessive taxation and inflation because they promise so many goodies to so many people that they can’t stop paying it. Once you’re on this deep debt train, you can’t get off until the train goes violently off the rails. This is the point where governments become rapacious and start taxing and seizing anything they possibly can just to keep the game going.”

This week on Section 6, John covers inflation in the U.S. economy, ever failing climate predictions, Catholics vs Evangelicals, and the hierarchy of multicultural classes.

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