No News That’s Fit to Print

170034 08/26/2017

Racism is back in the spotlight after the events in Charlottesville. Is the fight against it being waged intelligently? In this week’s extended boralogue, John looks at what’s really causing division in our country, the similar roots of fascism and Marxism, and the need to uphold freedom of speech for everyone. Taking down statues isn’t going to solve racism. The freedom for everyone to exchange ideas and discuss the problem may.

Media meltdowns have increased exponentially since last November and it’s tarnishing the reputation of the fourth estate. Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Goodwin (, Columnist for the New York Post, examines the lowering or at times complete elimination of journalistic standards when it comes to coverage of President Trump. Will the media recover? And should they?

Government control of healthcare can lead to a slide toward totalitarianism. We are joined by constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis ( who reviews the Charlie Gard case in the UK and shows that government is usurping parents’ rights when it comes to their children. She also looks at religious freedom court cases involving cake bakers and gay weddings.

John’s quote of the week:
“When an issue goes stale or becomes dangerous, it is dropped like a hot potato and they move on to the next issue about which they are outraged, forgetting of course the previous outrage which is no longer apparently outrageous. When we have pulled down Confederate statues, they will not be pacified but will move on to the next outrage.”

Coming up in Section 6, John discusses a novel idea; how about free speech for everyone, regardless of their views and beliefs? Plus, what’s the best way to fight hate? It’s simpler than you think. John also covers the tactic of framing the debate and why the Left always seems to get the upper hand. Lastly, the topic of the history of the various reforms and splits in the Christian church. You won’t want to miss this!

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