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170036 09/09/2017

Germany once faced a grim choice: Marxism or Nazism. Today in America, we have the Marxist Antifa group and the white nationalist Nazis. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at those two choices and notes that, despite the message of those who would try to divide us, we do have a third choice: a Constitutional government that allows freedom. It’s always worked. The real battle is between totalitarianism and freedom. It’s time to make our voice heard and choose wisely.

Those who espouse views different from the accepted politically correct narrative are being squeezed out of social media. Paula Bolyard (www.pjmedia.com), Supervising Editor at PJ Media, discusses the new hate news index algorithms being used by Google and Facebook to flag “hate speech” and remove it from the internet.

Democratic socialism is a myth, but that doesn’t stop people from pointing to Norway and Sweden as successful examples of it. Nima Sanandaji (www.ecepr.org), President of the European Center for Entrepreneurship and Policy Reform, examines the fiction of democratic socialism and the benefits of free markets and strong work ethic over big government welfare.

Does voter fraud exist? Is it wrong to require an ID to vote? Irene Garcia (www.judicalwatch.org), Investigative Reporter at Judicial Watch joins us to discuss these issues as well as report on a case out of Massachusetts where federal authorities have discovered fake IDs were being sold to illegal immigrants who later voted in an election in Boston.

Finally we welcome back author and historian Bill Federer (www.americanminute.com) who gives us the history of hate speech back to the American and French Revolutions and reveals a long, drawn-out plan to deconstruct our past, change our history, and allow young students to forget what makes America the great country it is.

John’s quote of the week:
Nazism and Marxism are two sides of the same socialist totalitarian coin. And today, if you listen to some of the discourse, the United States is being offered the very same choice: Antifa neo-Marxism or neo-Nazi racism – as if there were no other choice. There is: a return to constitutional government that has provided us with so much freedom and prosperity.

Coming up in Section 6: natural disasters and emergency preparedness, looking logically at the global warming issue, a Christian persecution update, and a detailed primer on logic and critical thinking.

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