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170039 09/30/2017

We seem to be jumping from one controversy to another in this country and its being led by far leftist activists. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at Alinsky tactics and how protesting now is the same as during the Vietnam War, when activists tried to convince us that the U.S. was a no-good, imperialist, colonialist, racist nation. The current NFL controversy encapsulates this.

Plus the clip of the week features former Secretary of Education William Bennett explaining how the deterioration of education has led to the mindset of protesters today.

With heated rhetoric on the rise and advancing terror tactics, safeguarding the President is more important than ever. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino ( joins us to talk about his new book, “Protecting the President,” sharing with us how Secret Service management is slow to adapt to emerging threats.

Financial Analyst and AI blogger Cris Sheridan ( returns this week to discuss evidence from Scripture that the perfect candidate for the Antichrist may be artificial intelligence.

The outrage of the week stems from an op-ed where two authors advocated for traditional values. Heather MacDonald (, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, describes the progressive hot water two law professors find themselves in after advocating for hard work, faithful marriage, and respect for authority.

To round out the show this week, John and Steel Producer Steve Schiller talk about assumptions made by the media and the Left that lead to anti-Trump narratives, the NFL controversy, and the strategy President Trump uses in exposing the Left.

John’s quote of the week:
In this time, it is very important to keep talking about the truth, to teach people how to think about the issues logically and rationally, and then to know how to handle people who fly off the handle because they simply have no way of logically, in a mature method, dealing with these issues. We have so many people running around today who are children in adult bodies.

Coming up in our Section 6 Intelligence Brief: A look at president Trump’s North Korea policy, Betsy Devos brings back due process, a lesson on keeping free speech from being destroyed, what happens when the Catholic church goes off the rails, and audio from a 1989 speech by Dr. Shirley McCune on new age education.

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