Red Warning Lights

170046 11/18/2017

Can we honestly say that we are thankful this holiday season? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the saving grace by faith provided by our Savior and it is through that faith that we have our greatest freedom. We have constitutional freedoms in this country as well and we risk losing them when we don’t thank the God who allowed us to live under them. So love God, love one another, and treat everyone with respect. We can all be thankful for that.

Plus, don’t miss John’s annual cranberry recipe. Make sure to have your ID handy when purchasing ingredients!

How does the Middle East chess board, with its complex interacting pieces, look today? Kevin Freeman (, Founder and CEO of Freeman Global, points out that economic and geopolitical warning lights are going off in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, and of course the United States.

Why is the 1917 Balfour Declaration suddenly controversial today? Author and retired attorney Rick Richman ( answers that question and explains why a two-state solution always fails, even when a vast majority of demands are met.

What happens when a campus religious group espouses the same beliefs as their religious institution, but is still called a hate group? Ashley McGuire (, Senior Fellow with The Catholic Association, examines political correctness on campus and the denial of first amendment freedoms.

John’s quote of the week:
I’ve been wondering if all of these people screaming about rights and oppression really recognize how well off they are compared with the rest of the world. You want to see oppression? Come with me to certain countries in the world and I’ll show you oppression. And if you live to escape from it, you can tell other people about it.”

This week in Section 6: John discusses the politics behind the recent Roy Moore accusations, how the Clintons have outlasted their usefulness, the Pope’s views on climate change — the Paris Accord, and facts. We’ll also talk about the spiritual dynamic behind much of our current events, and finally, the real tax plan being proposed.

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