Algorithm is Gonna Get You

170050 12/16/2017

We are now a week removed from President Trump’s official declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the expected reactions to this declaration and details the rich history of Jerusalem. Has anything changed as a result of President Trump’s declaration? Jerusalem is still the capital of Israel. And everyone surrounding it is acting as they always have.

Artificial Intelligence may not be at science fiction level yet, but it is being used in some areas, including surveillance. National education analyst and writer Dr. Carole Haynes ( returns to discuss concerns with massive tracking systems and their algorithms as well as Congress’s back door policies in surveillance legislation.

What rights will we have when AI begins making decisions for us? Curtis Levey (, President of the Committee for Justice, looks at the future of artificial intelligence and the battle between government and free markets over its control.

Why do many public schools have low graduation rates and student test scores? Are they doing anything about it? Larry Sand (, President of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, details how education elites in California are lowering standards to boost statistics rather than look for solutions. Will school choice help?

John rounds out the program this week showing how Francis Schaeffer’s predictions from 1977 about the rise of totalitarianism are coming true today.

John’s quote of the week:
The totalitarian instinct – seen clearly on college campuses and in much of the left-wing controlled media today – will try to shut down ideas that they don’t like and impose social penalties or real penalties on those who don’t keep up their ‘citizen scores’ (how the Chinese Communists would call it). That’s why we’re in true danger if we allow these trends to continue and why the battle for freedom of speech is paramount.”

In our Section 6 intelligence brief, we’ll discuss the bigger picture of all these recent sexual allegations post-Moore, as well as incidents of discrimination against Asians applying to college, fiber optic cables and threats to communication, the merging of progressive thought into a new paradigm, and finally, the geopolitics and economics of the Middle East.

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