All I Want for Christmas is the Truth

170051 12/23/2017

In this world of fake news and broken political promises, where can we find the truth? In this week’s Christmas boralogue, John looks at the source of truth – the Way, the Truth, and the Life himself – Jesus Christ. In the search for truth, you have to ask if Jesus was who he said he was and if he died and rose again. The answer is yes on both counts. Will you base your life on the solid rock of Truth or on shifting sand? This Christmas and always, we truly hope it is on Truth.

Selection of which story gets to be posted online has turned into censorship. Joe Lauria (, veteran foreign affairs correspondent based at the United Nations, recounts his experience after one of his online articles critical of the Left was taken down with no explanation given. Media censorship is growing and the rise of independent media is important to push back against it.

Who are the biggest violators of free speech on the internet? Sarah Chaffee (, Education & Public Policy Program Officer at the Discovery Institute, discusses how Facebook, Twitter, and especially Wikipedia are violating freedoms by allowing only some information to be posted online.

Finally, we get away from the hectic nature of the news by speaking with successful television sports director Dave Burchett (, who examines the need to reconnect with and focus on God when life distracts you. Pray that you would take the time to hear God through all the noise and obey him in all things.

John’s quote of the week:
What has been truly interesting over the last 20 years as Christmas drifts further and further in the public arena away from the idea of Christ’s birthday, has been the effort to promote eternal truths by using non-truths or blurry truths to do it – a result of the post-modern way of looking at things.

In a special holiday edition of Section 6, we air John’s recent appearance on ‘Stand Up For The Truth’ from 12/12/17 dealing with liberal group-think and how to talk to liberals.

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