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180006 02/10/2018

Do we have a constitutional crisis on our hands after the release of the Republican memo? We push aside the boralogue this week and dive right in with constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis (www.ccu.edu) who discusses whether there is a crisis or not. Are we in trouble or is talk of a crisis really just spin and distraction?

Political correctness is shining brighter in North America. Award-winning journalist and television producer Christine Douglass-Williams (www.jihadwatch.org) recounts how, after writing an article critical of Islamism, she was fired from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. The word ‘Islamophobia’ is being used to stifle debate and push us further from reality.

Once upon a time, speaking out against the evils of communism was embraced. Jake Klein (www.capitalresearch.org), Director of Media Operations for Capital Research, made a video doing just that, and despite hearing of communism’s millions of victims and the successes of capitalism, many people defended the former and attacked the latter.

John’s quote of the week:
When you’re in a tough situation, you really do need to discriminate. You need to make judgments. You need to ask, ‘Friend, foe? Good, evil?’ Your security and the security of your family could rest on it. But if you rest on politically correct ideas, you may put yourself in grave danger because they don’t rest on reality.

In this week’s Section 6, John and Producer Steve dive into memo after memo and discuss the bigger picture behind the FISA fiasco. John goes on to look at the Catholic Church hierarchy throughout history and their relationship with China today. Finally, he tackles the idea that Western society is terrible and how that will lead to society’s downfall.

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