Salvaging Existing Freedoms

180010 03/10/2018

The truth is the truth, but if you have your truth and I have mine, what happens when those truths collide? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the need in our society for an absolute truth anchor point upon which you can base your ideals and worldviews. Those that believe in relative truth will also believe absolutely that someone else’s truth is false when confronted with it. This explains why society is so divided today – there is no anchor.

Europe’s traditional culture is slowly eroding away and those in power are doing nothing to stop it. UK media personality and columnist Katie Hopkins ( examines the influx of migrants who are refusing to assimilate to their new country’s values and customs and how some are now pushing back, fighting to salvage their disappearing freedoms.

John plays a clip from David McAlvany on the upcoming trouble in the financial markets. Then John and Producer Steve play a rousing clip on political civility from Virginia congressman Nick Freitas and look at the illogical responses to it.

Freedom of speech is one that the Constitution guarantees, but some college students aren’t experiencing that. Nicole Neily (, President of Speech First, describes how her new organization is advocating for students whose rights are being violated and warns those in power that students are waking up and are no longer willing to take it.

John’s quote of the week:
What guarantees freedom in keeping government under control? The first one is the First Amendment. That’s where we’re guaranteed the freedom of speech and of religion and of the press. Vibrant attestations to what is going on and truth are essential to keeping scoundrels from getting away with your government. The Founding Fathers understood that – you had to be able to speak.

In this week’s Section 6, John and Producer Steve continue their discussion of Nicholas Freitas’s speech and the reaction to it. John then goes on to cover the impending Trump-Kim meeting, the collision of worldviews and religions in Europe, and the stubborn doubling down on failing ideas by progressives. He finishes up with the consolidation of power in China and the free flow of global information in the future.

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