Marxism vs. Freedom

180021 05/26/2018

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Who or what are we memorializing this holiday weekend? In this week’s abbreviated boralogue, John looks at upholding the Constitution and the morals and values that helped establish this country. If we don’t, our country may just disappear.

One of the ideologies looking to supplant freedom and capitalism in America is that of Marxism. Paul Kengor (, Executive Director of the Center of Vision and Values at Grove City College, joins us to refute defenders of Marxism who say that it just hasn’t ever been successfully implemented, and shows how progressives have adopted Marxist thought in their attempt to gain power.

Facebook has embarked on a campaign to silence conservatives online. Jim Hoft (, author and founder of The Gateway Pundit, describes how his website has been affected and asserts that since conservatives helped elect Donald Trump, social media sites are muzzling them so that it doesn’t happen again.

John and Producer Steve give a brief update in the Russiagate saga, focusing on the impending release of a report from the Office of the Inspector General. Then John and Tom Read, (, head of American Christian Network and owner of several radio stations in the Pacific Northwest wax nostalgic about days of broadcast past, discussing the history of radio news and how the Internet is affecting it today.

John’s quote of the week:
If we keep battering on our foundational documents, which will tear them apart, we may discover we’ll get everything we want, except that the whole thing will have fallen apart. We can’t allow that. Otherwise, all of those people we remember this weekend, they truly will have died in vain.

Section 6 is on a Memorial Day weekend break but will return next week with more geopolitical stories from around the world.

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