Doomed to Repeat

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180029 07/21/2018

President Trump has brought about the end of the world following his summit meeting with Vladimir Putin, so says the media. Is it true? In this week’s boralogue, John compares President Obama’s Russian strategy with that of President Trump’s and the latter is winning. But outrage and hyperbole are spewed forth to mask that fact. The question the media is not asking is: do you want someone who does something for show or someone who is effective?

How we view Judaism and Christianity depends on how much we study them. Berlin-based political analyst and columnist Raphael Castro ( shows us how a decline in the study of Scriptures has led to a loss of identity in Western culture. Europe has led the way in this and America seems eager to follow.

John and Producer Steve take a moment to discuss the summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, looking at the bigger picture rather than the often repeated hysterical hyperbole (or hysterbole as we’re calling it) you are seeing on mainstream media channels.

Does the Bible contradict or promote socialism? Dr. Jay Richards (, Professor at the Catholic School of America, discusses the difference between government and personal involvement when it comes to helping the poor and what the Bible tells us about economics.

Is the resistance movement accomplishing anything or is it just causing more division? Author and historian Daniel Mallock ( is back with us to explain how some groups of people have drifted away from honoring the Constitution as well as the philosophy behind the leftist hatred in this country.

John’s quote of the week:
We started out in this country by saying rights were given by God. Therefore, they are anchored in rock and they can’t be changed. The innate value of mankind – of humans – cannot be changed. Because that was given by God. No law can strike that away.

In this week’s Section 6, John looks at the origins of the French Revolution from an economic and religious perspective and compares many of the events then with events happening now.

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