You Don’t Say (Because You Can’t)

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180032 08/11/2018

Are we seeing a trend toward online censorship, mostly of conservative speech? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the fake news media and different examples of trial balloons being floated to test the censorship waters. The battle for freedom is underway in the West and it is embodied in the battle against free speech.

Do persecuted Christians receive the proper treatment when seeking asylum? Ken Timmerman (, President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, discusses his new book, ISIS Begins, a work of fiction that describes the real life interactions between Christians and the UN and how Muslims seeking asylum are treated far better.

Has there ever been a President more maligned than Donald Trump? Robert Spencer (, Director of Jihad Watch is back with us to show that another U.S. President was also treated as a bumpkin, an outsider to politics, and was disliked by both parties. The identity of that President may surprise you.

We revisit the topic of online censorship with Brian McNicoll (, Editor at Accuracy in Media who shows examples of speech suppression on Facebook and Twitter and discusses what can be done about it.

With great division in this country, are we headed for a second Civil War? Historian and novelist H.W. “Harry” Crocker III (, shows how people from both sides in the 1860s were very similar in beliefs, unlike now where there is a deep ideological divide. The outrage and battles waged by the Left today could end up throwing us into a new Civil War.

John’s quote of the week:
What the Left doesn’t understand is: they think they’re going to come back into power at some point and then they’re going to declare war. The Right has been patient for a very long time. They have witnessed the shenanigans that have gone on both pre- and post-election. The Right will not tolerate that anymore.

In this week’s Section 6, John and Producer Steve discuss the origin of fake news, how media outlets manipulate words to create a narrative, and the nature of censorship.

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