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180034 08/25/2018

When your boat is filling up with water, do you gouge a hole in the bottom in order to drain it? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the aftermath of the Michael Cohen plea and how the institution of attorney-client privilege could be damaged long-term. Certain societal conventions are being sacrificed in order to pile up short-term gains, such as ousting President Trump from office. Plus, John plays a clip from the movie Man For All Seasons that further illustrates his point.

Can multiculturalism work? Author and historian Jeff Lipkes ( gives several historical examples of cultures that warred against assimilation with other societies and yet are taught in today’s schools to have been civil and virtuous. Can Western society survive when incoming people groups fight against established values and customs?

How does the World Council of Churches fit in with anti-Semitism and the attitudes of certain churches against Israel? We welcome back Dexter Van Zile (, Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA, who discusses the long-term strategy to destroy the will of Jews and others in the West to defend themselves against attacks, both ideological and physical.

To finish out the show, John, Carol, and Producer Steve form a new round-table discussion group called the Steel Company and examine the geopolitics of Iran, the Middle East, and Turkey.

John’s quote of the week:
I have consistently argued for a level playing field and for fairness on both sides regardless of whether it involved liberals or conservatives. But it seems that so many people are contradicting the things that they have preached at us for years just because it seems to favor their momentary cause.

In this week’s Section 6, John, Carol, and Producer Steve continue their discussion of geopolitics, then move on to the Manafort and Cohen decisions this week, and finally take a look at what the globalists are up to.


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