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180035 09/01/2018

What’s the difference between a hypocrite and one who fails to live up to his or her own standards? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the cover-up in the Catholic Church and how scandal and major changes seem to happen in the Church every 500 years. There’s a failure to take ownership of the sin and though an issue may be fixed, the cause of that issue remains.

America hasn’t had slavery for 150 years but it does still exist in other parts of the world. Charles Jacobs (, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, shows where slavery thrives today and why human rights organizations in the West are silent about it.

What happens when Mahmoud Abbas rejects whatever solution to the peace process the Trump administration proposes? Ariel Ben Solomon (, Deputy Online Editor at Jewish News Syndicate and a resident of Israel, describes the philosophy of Hamas when it comes to dealing with the West and how Western solutions may not work in the Middle East.

America is awful and racist and was founded on horrible precepts, so says liberal academia and modern leftists. John Zmirak (, Senior Editor at The Stream, shows how this progressive mindset was fractured with the election of Donald Trump, which further explains the outrage that has followed.

John and Producer Steve finish off the show this week discussing the war on free speech in America from suppressing conservative speech online to constantly accusing Right-leaning thinkers and candidates of “racism” when it in fact doesn’t exist.

John’s quote of the week:
“The real core problem we’re having is the inability to dissent in whole or in part from some of the things that are being discussed, and to offer logical and reasonable arguments. What you get back is flack, ad hominem attacks, and clichéd attacks; that’s always the mark of a losing side.”

In this week’s Section 6, we celebrate Labor Day by airing a recent interview John did with Stand Up For the Truth with Mike LeMay on Q90FM in Wisconsin. John discusses the true goals of the progressive movement, the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, and the future of the evangelical movement.


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