Change You Can’t Believe In

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180040 10/06/2018

There is actually a world outside of the Kavanaugh circus, but the media seems to only focus on the DC big top. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at geopolitics between Israel and the EU, specifically Germany and France, as well as the back and forth of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But with all of that and more happening around the world, the mainstream media has managed to turn a 10-minute newscast into a single-issue 24-hour event.

Is another government-led land grab happening in the name of preserving history? Tom DeWeese (, Founder and President of the American Policy Center, describes how change agents are trying to designate private land as National Heritage Areas and how landowners are fighting back.

The liberal world order has dubious origins going back nearly a century. Mitch Wright (, Retired Coast Guard member and online business owner joins John in studio to examine how we got here, looking at Alice A. Bailey, the Arcane School, The Plan, and the Lucis Trust.

John’s quote of the week:
“The problem with the European Union and countries like France is that their commitment to their Utopian ideals is blinding them to many of the dangers they are facing. At least publicly – behind the scenes they will be asking, ‘Hey, Israelis, do you have any intelligence for us?'”

In this week’s Section 6, John defers detailed analysis on the Kavanaugh vote until next week, but he does discuss Alinsky style tactics and how people are starting to catch on to them. He goes on to discuss the future of global economics, artificial intelligence making life and death decisions, and of course, Church history and theology.


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