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180044 11/03/2018

Election mania is dominating the airwaves but there are some sobering stories surrounding the economy and Christian persecution that are flying under the media radar. In this week’s boralogue, John reminds us of the economic cliff on the horizon and then gives us an update on Asia Bibi’s blasphemy case in Pakistan and the latest with Pastor X and his family. There are major changes in both cases so please be in prayer.

With an impending debt crisis looming, how long can we continue to live our normal everyday lives? We look forward with author and former magazine writer James Kunstler (www.kunstler.com) who describes what life could look like if we go through another monetary crash and possible food shortage. He also examines indoctrination in schools that lead to ideologically bad decisions.

With the midterm elections just a few days away, what can we expect from voters and what will the political landscape looks like on November 7? We look forward with author and political forecaster Gerard Lameiro (www.greatnewsforamerica.com) who looks at issues that could affect the election, a better way to forecast the results, and the very real possibility of a more conservative Congress.

John’s quote of the week:
One thing we have seen clearly since the last election has been the disrespect of the progressive elites for the current system. They are willing to call anyone who opposes their ideas idiots, phobes, racists, they will deny you your rights and demand that you honor all these new rights that they make up out of thin air and if you don’t, you know what happens. You have to remember that at these elections.

In this week’s Section 6, John and Producer Steve discuss free speech violations in Europe, President Trump’s pattern with both the media and with world events, and the massive hypocrisy with the media when it comes to civility in politics.


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