It seems human rights are back in the news after Alabama passed an abortion restriction law. In this week’s boralogue, John reminds us of past cases where new rights were established to suit an ideology. After Alabama passed their law, we are seeing the concept of what goes around comes around. Creating a right that ultimately forces someone else to violate their beliefs is totalitarian and an indicator of the new postmodern world we live in.

Potpourri week on Steel. First up, we speak with Shahram Hadian (www.tilproject.com), Founder of the Truth in Love Project, about the basics of Ramadan and why, during those 30 days, there is an uptick in violence and jihad.

Next up, we explore the Law of the Sea Treaty with Alex Newman (www.thenewamerican.com), Foreign Correspondent with The New American. If it is ratified, the UN would have independent taxing power under this law which is a frightening thought.

What is happening in the Middle East? We welcome David Rubin (www.shilohisraelchildren.org), Founder and President of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, who discusses geopolitics in the Middle East including Iran’s nuclear program.

Finishing out the program this week, John takes a look at Brexit and the battle of worldviews in Europe and America. Producer Steve joins in later to discuss various political issues like President Trump’s tax returns, controversial comments by a member of the House, and potentially un-Constitutional legislation in California.

John’s quote of the week:
In Europe, they’re shutting people down by making it a crime to say certain things. Here in America, we name it and shame it, and it’s having an effect; it’s costing people. But here they can’t quite prohibit it, though social media is contributing to it.

In this week’s Extras segment, we play a Steel on Steel interview from July 2017 with Bill Warner. Since the month of Ramadan has begun in the Islamic faith, it is important we better understand aspects of Islam. Topics covered include the basics of Islam, how political correctness is willfully blinding us to certain realities, and how our freedoms in this country would disappear under sharia law.


05/18/2019 Uptick

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – John’s Boralogue – Blowback in the Right-Trumping Battle (1:48)
2 – Shahram Hadian – Ramadan and Jihad (13:29)
3 – Alex Newman – Law of the Sea Treaty (26:23)
4 – John Loeffler – Middle East Update (39:46)
      David Rubin – Israel and Iran (44:09)
      John Loeffler – Human Trafficking in Pakistan (51:16)
5 – John Loeffler – Brexit and the Worldview Clash (52:40)
6 – John & Producer Steve – Various Political Stories (1:06:03)
7 – Extras Segment – July 2017 Interview with Bill Warner on Islam (1:18:57)

      End of Show (1:47:47)


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