Monopoly is Not a Game

Never despise the day of small things because small things are telling us where we are headed. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at several stories including intersectionality problems in the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau’s brown face controversy, and believe it or not, a seminary where prayers are offered to plants. Everyone makes moral pronouncements, but they come from a pitching deck of relativistic ideas and will not work. Reform, therefore, is needed.

A plan has been afoot for more than 70 years to indoctrinate children in schools in order to push the global government narrative. Alex Newman (, Foreign Correspondent for The New American, shows us that parents can’t compete with the intense indoctrination and gives some alternatives to public education.

John takes a moment to focus on our economy, playing a segment from the McAlvany Weekly Commentary. David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick of International Collectors Associates ( discuss negative interest rates and their effect on central banks and the economy.

With social media companies virtually controlling our entire online experience, are users forced to agree with them just to have a voice? Data Network Architect Russ White ( is back with us to examine the physical infrastructure of the internet and how social media companies have monopolized the entire internet, even news sources.

John’s quote of the week:
The elites were talking about world government long before people began yelling about conspiracy theories. The problem was changing the minds of the people. How would you do that? You would use the public education system.

In this week’s Extras segment, we play John’s interview with Spokane radio legend Tom Read on his program It Seems To Me. Tom and John discuss journalistic standards and how mainstream media today are not living up to them. Included in that are examples of media bias such as slanting headlines and manipulating interviews to only include what supports their narrative.


09/21/2019 Monopoly is Not a Game

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Small Stories Tell Us Where We’re Headed (2:04)
2 – John Loeffler – Recognizing the Worldview Battle (13:29)
      Alex Newman – Indoctrination in School & the Church Ignores (19:12)
3 – Alex Newman – Alternative to Public School (26:24)
4 – Dave McAlvany & Kevin Orrick – Negative Interest Rates (39:16)
5 – Russ White – Physically Centralized Internet (52:11)
6 – Russ White – Trusting Non-Social Media Sources (1:05:33)
7 – Extras Segment – John on It Seems To Me: Media Bias (1:18:27)

      End of Show (1:48:38)


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