Impeaching the Firewall

Caveat emptor: before you fall for a promise, make sure you’re not being deceived. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the continued onslaught against the Constitution by those who try to convince us we need a better document, a better country. They want to fundamentally transform America, but transform it into what? The Constitution limits government, so in order for big government to grow, our founding documents must be swept away. Beware of promises to do that; the result will not be a better country.

Jenna Ellis RivesHow are the promises of the Constitution being swept away? Constitutional Law Attorney and conservative speaker Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) joined us after her speech a week ago to examine attempts by leftists to pack the courts with activist judges and constantly obstruct the Trump administration as well as the unorthodox and possibility illegitimate process of impeachment currently underway in the House.

David RubinAntisemitism is on the rise in Europe and it’s coming from several sources. David Rubin (, Founder and President of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, discusses how Jews are being attacked in Germany and France in part by far right fringe groups but also by a growing number of Muslims there.

Steven MalangaWhy, when progressive policies are implemented in a city, do they rarely make things better? Steven Malanga (, Senior Editor at City Journal in New York City joins us to look at why these policies fail as well as an emerging shift toward conservatism in places that have become overwhelmingly intolerable.

John’s quote of the week:
If it says you have rights but later on politicians or courts simply define those rights away to the point where if you try to exercise your rights, it’s not going to stand up – then does the Constitution mean anything? Does it protect anything? The answer is a resounding ‘no.’

Total Truth - Nancy PearceyIn this week’s Extras segment, we travel back 15 years and play an interview with Nancy Pearcey from a September 2004 episode, titled ‘Spitting in the Face of Christ’ where she and John discuss the need for churches to teach core Christian values in the current worldview battle.


10/26/2019 Impeaching the Firewall

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Protecting the Constitution from Transformation (2:00)
2 – Jenna Ellis – Manipulation of the Law by the Left (13:29)
3 – Jenna Ellis – Impeachment & Bucking the Constitution (26:24)
4 – Jenna Ellis – Right Trumping (39:46)
      John Loeffler – Big Picture on Impeachment & World Geopolitics (46:03)
5 – David Rubin – Antisemitism in Europe (52:40)
6 – Steven Malanga – Urban Policies Gone Wrong (1:05:10)
7 – Extras Segment – Nancy Pearcey from September 2004 on Core Church Values (1:18:04)

      End of Show (1:54:09)


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