Ship of Fools in Socialist Waters

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The Deal of the Century – the new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan – has been proposed, but what is the hang up? In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the need for a viable peace partner. He shows how both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have not exhibited a willingness over the years to work toward peace with Israel. Whether or not they cooperate, the peace train may soon leave the station. And Palestinian leadership may wish they would have boarded.

Gerard LameiroSocialism has never been successfully implemented simply because it can’t be. Author and political forecaster Gerard Lameiro ( is back with us to discuss several examples of failed socialist governments and how it only stays afloat when capitalism supports it behind the scenes. He also gives his predictions for the 2020 election and the future of the Democrat Party.

Howard HusockSocialism isn’t the only example of government interference and dysfunction. Howard Husock (, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, describes how federal dollars from our government have changed the character of local civil organizations away from grassroots values and serving the community.

Andrea Picotti-BayerSeparation of church and state has been overused in legal arguments and somewhat misunderstood overall. We round out the show this week with Andrea Picciotti-Bayer (, Legal Advisor for the Catholic Association, who examines the Blaine Amendment in relation to public funding for Catholic schools.

John’s quote of the week:
What happens with socialism is you have big amounts of money, bureaucrats see it, they use giving to XYZ impoverished group as the rationale for taking it. They then seize the money, usually through taxation or other means. They take a huge chunk for themselves. Then they pass along a fraction of what they’ve seized and give it to the target group. That’s the immorality of the system.

On this week’s extra segment, we play a double feature on the European Union from days of Steel past. First up is Robert Congdon from February 2012 followed by Pat Caddell from June 2018. Both give predictions about the future of the EU and it’s interesting to see the difference in opinions that six years makes.


02/15/2020 Ship of Fools in Socialist Waters

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Deal of the Century & the Need for a Peace Partner (2:19)
2 – John Loeffler – Reality Behind Bernie Sanders Socialist Plans (13:29)
      Gerard Lameiro – Socialism is a Disaster Wherever It’s Implemented (18:50)
3 – Gerard Lameiro – Socialism Lasts as Long as Capitalism Supports It (26:23)
4 – Gerard Lameiro – Predictions for 2020 Elections & Future of Democrat Party (39:46)
      John Loeffler – Canadian Healthcare System (48:02)
5 – Howard Husock – Federal Encroachment on Civil Organizations (52:40)
      John Loeffler – Free Speech Violations in Europe & Asset Forfeiture Here (1:03:31)
6 – Andrea Picciotti-Bayer – Public Funding of Catholic Schools (1:06:03)
7 – Extras Segment – Robert Congdon, 02/2012 & Pat Caddell, 06/2018 on the EU (1:18:57)

      End of Show (2:00:04)


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