Modern Brownshirts

Broadcast Running Time: 1:56:55

Businesses and especially college campuses have transitioned into centers of political correctness. On this week’s boralogue, John looks at social justice warriors with their name it and shame it games, outrage campaigns, and even violent mobs. For far too long social justice warriors have been successful, but now many are catching on to these modern Brownshirt tactics and are pushing back. We must always choose freedom over those who would try to keep it from us.

Karen HurvitzWe’ve heard stories of students or adults having MAGA hats ripped off their heads by suddenly enraged progressives. Karen Hurvitz (, Legal Counsel to the group Education Without Indoctrination, joins us to discuss how her client’s life went from bad to worse after his MAGA hat was stolen by his teacher who then waged an all-out legal and outrage campaign against him.

Anne Schlafly CoriAfter analyzing the coronavirus’s impact on the economy, John welcomes Anne Schlafly Cori (, Chairman of the Eagle Forum, who explains why the Equal Rights Amendment, long thought extinct, has made a comeback recently and why, with its manipulative language, it’s a bad idea.

John’s quote of the week:
To the relativists who engage in postmodern thought, any affront that challenges their belief is not just something that needs to be debated. It is a threat to the entire system that they believe in. The only thing that keeps this relative, compartmentalized, self-contradicting series of propositions together is each of them telling each other that it really works and anyone that doesn’t agree with them is obviously a — fill in the blank (and there’s a long list).

On this week’s extra segment, we dip back a couple of years to February 2018 with John commenting on several audio clips concerning globalism and the long running agenda to obliterate sovereignty.


02/29/2020 Modern Brownshirts

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Upholding Free Speech Against Those Who’d Take It Away (1:58)
2 – John Loeffler – How to Battle Social Justice Warriors (13:29)
      Karen Hurvitz – Social Justice Warriorism on College Campuses (18:04)
3 – Karen Hurvitz – Case of a College Student Persecuted by an SJW (26:24)
4 – Karen Hurvitz – State of Freedom in Education Today (39:46)
5 – John Loeffler – Various: Coronavirus, Medicare for All, Bernie on Israel (52:40)
6 – Anne Schlafly Cori – Equal Rights Amendment (1:05:33)
      John Loeffler – Rules of Dialectical Politics & Martyred Church Update (1:13:41)
7 – Extras Segment – Clips from February 2018 on Globalism and Anti-Sovereignty (1:18:27)

      End of Show (1:56:57)


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